Curriculum Vitae

Katja Slippens

Blazing Amber Training and Coaching

2017 Ziva and Katja qualified for the FMBB World Championship Belgian Shepherds running the individuals and team competition, Also  qualified for the finals.

Ziva and Katja Qualified for the World Championship  FCI in Liberec, Tsjechië. They ran for team and Individual.

Tom with Alice and  Katja with Ziva were part of the XOD-BAT team that became the Dutch Champions Team Large 2017.

2016 Ziva and Katja run World Championship Belgian Shepherds FMBB in France. First place Jumping teams, First place jumping qualfier, 5th place final jumping, thirteenth place overall. 2 faults on dogwalk.

International competitions; Avallon Cup,  European Open, Norwegian Open finals, Los Pirineos Dog festival finals, Luxemburg Open finals, qualified for Dutch Masters.

Katja has started running  Malimaniacs Dynamic Dayzee, a small and overexited hyperstrung Malinois.

2015 Katja and Ziva win the Bavarian Agility Challange Kreuth, (BACK), with an International competititors field of 400 large dogs.

Katja and Ziva become the World Champion Belgian Shepherds in Tsjechie of the FMBB, with the first place jumping and first place agility run, Title World Champion 2015.

Katja and Ziva run the European Open in Rieden 399 large dogs, they mis the finals by one contact zone, leaving them the fourth fastest time on the agility run but no placing for the finals.

Katja and Ziva run the Agility By Night in Luxemburg winning second place Jumping.

Dayzees first international competition at the Agility By Night.

Katja starts running Dayzee in the First grade and gets promoted to second grade  befor the summer.

 4 PAWS trophy in Germany finals december 2015.

2014 Katja and Ziva run at the World Championship Belgian Shepherds FMBB in Finland.

Katja and Ziva ar the reserve large for the FCI World Championship in Luxemburg.

Ziva wins the Dutch Championship of the IFCS, She has the title, Dutch Champion 2014 FHN.

Franny runs her last official competition in oktober, she is now 12 years old and wil retire.

Ziva is promoted to the C klasse, runs the Dutch Championship and the Masters.

Ziva runs the FMBB World Championship Belgian Shepherds Slovenia and gets 9th place at the FMBB, with one fault.

Katja and Alice run at the World Championships Belgain Shepherds in Slovenia for team and individual.

Ziva represents the Netherlands at the CRUFTS international Invitational and gets 3rd place jumping.

2012 Katja and Alice represent the Netherlands at the FCI World Championship in Tsjechië for team and individual.

FMBB World Championship in Italy Katja with Alice for Individual  2nd place agility, and Alice wins Silver medal with the Dutch team.

Katja runs the European Open in Sweden  with both dogs, Young Ziva ( 2 years old) and  Alice.

Katja and Alice run the masters and get 5th place.

Katja and Alice get CACIAG at the NVBH clubmatch.

Katja and Alice get 1st place jumping at the Dutch Championships FCI.

2011 Toxic Ziva of Dark Brightness qualified from 1st grade to 2nd grade within one month and has  won the Title Best Belgian Shepherd 2012 of the NVBH 2nd grade  before the age of 2. Running  only two of the three qualifiers, but  not yet in the third grade she had to pass her placing  for the FMBB to the next in line.

Title Dutch Champion Belgian Shepherd NVBH with Alice.

FCI World Championship FCI Lievin France with Alice Dawn of Blazing Amber  for Individual and NL team

FMBB World Championshipin Belgium with Alice for Individual and NL team  , and reserve combination by choice with Franny.

European Open in Austria, qualified for  the team finales with Alice.

International Mixed and Breed Championship (IMCA) in Netherlands with Alice, individual.

Alice at Dutch Championship 1st place Jumping.

Teaching and giving trainings seminars start .

2010   Title Dutch Champion Belgian Shepherds NVBH  with Alice.

World Championship FCI in Germany, Rieden with Franny ( Françoise Le Serviteur Puissant) Our First World Championship for the FCI.

International Mixed and Breed Championship (IMCA) in Switserland, with Alice 2nd place Agility course.

Title Dutch Agility Champion FCI large with Franny

FMBB World Championship Germany  with Alice and Franny.  Franny for NL team also.

Dutch Championship with Franny, silver medal,  Title, runner up Dutch Champion.

European Open Tsjechie, qualified for the final with Franny, 18th.

Ziva is Born.

2009 Title; Franny is Dutch Champion Agility.

FMBB World Championship Tsjechie with Alice and Franny. Franny for NL team also. Both dogs Finalist.

Alice promoted to highest class in Agility.

Cyno Masters for Alice and Franny

Franny European Open in the Netherlands

Franny Dutch Championship, 4th and 12th.

2008 Title Dutch Champion Belgian Shepherd NVBH  with Franny.

IMCA with Franny in Italy 10e alg klassement. Nederland country  1e.

Alice promotion from 2nd to 3rd grade with Podium places.

European Open Germany, Franny 1e plaats team jumping.

Agility Welt Cup in Germany with Alice and Franny, Franny, 1e Agility 1e place  Jumping  and 6e overall.  3rd place Dutch team.

Franny 3e place at the Dutch Championship agility course.

Title, Alice Best Belgian Shepherd second grade dog 2008 NVBH.

Franny en Alice Cyno masters.

Franny 4th place in de  third and highest grade end of  season.

2007 Alice starts agility after the summer in grade one and gets promoted  within a month.

Franny  12th place in de  third and highest grade by end of  season.

First World Championship Belgian Shepherds at the FMBB with Franny in France. Individual and team.

2006 Franny Agility Welt Cup with NL team 3e place.

Kyra Agility Welt Cup competitor.

Franny Cyno masters

First time European Open in Luxemburg with Franny

First Dutch Championships, and with two dogs at once.

Franny has her pups, Alice is Born.

2005 Franny 2e place agility at the world Winner show in the RAI

Franny with podium places promoted to B2,

Kyra at the  Agility Welt Cup, First forein competition, third grade.

Injury  of Kyra, so another year in the B2 third grade

2004 Franny starts her competitions in the First grade and promotes to the second grade soon.

Kyra promoted to the  B1, second grade. and then to B2, third grade

Katja starts teaching agility at local dog school.

2003 Kyra gets promoted to the third grade.

2002 December  malinois Franny moves in.

oktober Franny is Born

june  First competition with  Kyra, a Malinois of 2 years of age.

2001  Start agility met  Kyra Malinois